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5 Easy Crafts for Kids to Do at Home

According to studies, creating arts and crafts with your kids provide immediate and lasting cognitive benefits. It also creates unique bonding experience between you and your kid(s), which then turn into lifelong memories. Besides these reasons, it’s a good boredom buster for your kids. Especially on summer breaks. 

These 5 easy crafts are great for kids of any age. Most of the materials needed are stuff that you already have in the house. This will also teach your kids to recycle or upcycle everyday things in the house and turn them into something else.

Laundry Detergent Slime

Slimes are probably one of the most favorite toy in the world. This slime recipe is a great way to be creative with the kids. The main three ingredients are glue, mix ins (like beads, glitter, coloring), and activator, in this case, laundry detergent. You just have to mix all three in a bowl, et voila! Slime! Your kids can be creative with the add ins. You can use glitters, confetti, beads, food coloring, action figures, buttons, and can even add essential oil. 

Toilet Roll Crafts

Teach your kids to upcycle with turning toilet rolls into animals, castles, cuffs, bowling pins, etc. Toilet roll crafts are amongst the cheapest and easiest of all crafts. Let your kid’s creative juice overflow and let them create different things with toilet rolls. The most common ones are turning them into animals; like shark, owls, pigs, penguins, etc. 

Pour Painted Pots

Probably the easiest craft on the list is Pour Painted Pots. All you need is obviously, pots, and acrylic paint. To achieve the swirly effect, you just need to pour the acrylic paint on the top and adding another color over the old ones until it drips on the edge and run down the sides of the pot. Allow the paint to dry then coat it with glossy spray varnish. To make this craft extra fun, ask your kids to plant their favorite plant in the pot. And overtime, watch them grow. It’s a great way to teach kids to take care of a living thing.

Dyed Pasta Necklaces 

This really easy craft is great for sensory play! These super colorful pasta is so gorgeous to play with. Children will have a great time creating their own necklaces. All you need to create dyed pasta necklaces are uncooked hollow pasta, food coloring, vinegar, and yarn. The vinegar helps to distribute the food coloring evenly. On small containers, mix the vinegar and the food coloring (one color per container), then add the pasta in. And then shake the container until the pasta is well-covered. Pour the pasta on a sheet to dry. And your kids are ready to make their necklaces. They can also make bracelets. 

Bubble Painting

This is a very fun painting activity to do with your kids. What you need: paint, dish soap, cups, straws and papers. It’s better to use watercolor paper if it’s available. If not, you can use construction paper instead. To make the bubble paint, mix the dish soap, paint and half a cup of water. Use the straws to blow bubbles out of the mixture. Make sure to not let your kids drink through the straws. Once the bubbles are form at the top of the glass, lay the paper on it to imprint the paper. The more color mixtures you make, the more room for your kids to be creative with mixing colors.

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