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Fun Home DIY Projects To Do With Your Kids

Boosting your kid’s creativity is very important. Creating arts & crafts with your kids is a great way to have that unque bond experience with them. Here are some really cool & fun DIY projects you can make.

Hanging Wall Art

Teach your kids a little bit of photography. Make them take photos with a polaroid camera. Once they finish the whole set of film paper, display the photos by hanging them on a string. That’s a great way to showcase your kid’s art in the house. If you don’t have a polaroid camera, the cheapest way to do is ask them to paint or draw on square shaped papers the size of a polaroid film. And the same way, hang the artworks with a string.

Paint a Door

This is a great way for your kid to personalize their own space — by painting their own bedroom door. Let their creative juices flow with every stroke of brushpaint on their door. Getting your kids involve with home projects like this is a great way to spend time with them.

Build a Tree House

This is probably one of the most exciting project my family and I did when I was a kid. Share that happy experience with your kids. There are a lot of construction guides online on how to built your own treehouse. You can ask your kids for help by letting them decorate the treehouse.

Paint Stones

Collect some stones (the flatter, the better), and ask your kids to paint them. You can have them use markers to paint them. You can used these painted stones to decorate your garden. For a bigger project, you can get your kids to paint on the stepping stones in the garden as well.

Toilet Paper Roll Bird Feeder

Recycle your toilet rolls by turning them into bird feeders. Cover the toilet roll with vegetable shortening then roll it on a plate filled with birdseed. This is an exciting project ‘cause you’re inviting different kinds of birds to hang at your backyard.

Make a Terrarium

Get your kids interested in gardening by creating their own terrarium. This is a fun way to start growing plants indoor. Get creative by decorating your own landscapes with fun figurines and beautiful plants. The fun part of this project is collecting different moss, plants and stones to decorate your terrarium.

Indoor Hopscotch

Keep the kids jumping on rainy days with this really easy to make indoor hopscotch. All you need is a duct tape and a carpet runner. You can also use a yoga mat instead of the carpet runner. Use a number stencils for the numbers.

Make Marble Art with Nail Polish

Making amazing marble art at home is so easy! You just need to pour a room temperature water on a pan deep enough to submerge your item. In this case, watercolor paper. And then, quickly pour the nail polish of your choice in the water. Use a toothpick to swirl the color around the pan and then dunk the watercolor paper then pull it out.

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